Episode #1!

Episode #1 is in the bag!

Thanks for all the help and encouragement I received in setting this up and getting started. I hope to be able to continue with this experiment.

Special thanks to;

David Bernstein of The Fredcast and The Spokesmen

Tim Grahl of Crooked Cog

Carlton Reid of BikeBiz Magazine and QuickRelease.TV

Phil from Spinopsys

Special thanks for support to;

Donna Tocci of Kryptonite


Toby Bloomberg

I’ll add more show notes as I remember them and as you request for them!

Link Update; I mentioned David Armano and his wonderful marketing blog Logic + Emotion and a fantastic post and graphic he has about Social Systems.

Many thanks again. I am hoping to get better at this and eventually learn what I’m trying to do.


Listen here. Subscribe here. (Link to iTunes coming soon.)



  1. Tim:

    Good job. Let me be the first but hopefully not the last to suggest that you consider not adding any music to the beginning of your podcast. You were apologetic about that, but I think that the gratuitous minute of crap I have to listen to on many podcasts is incredibly annoying. It’s not like the radio where I need an intro to know what I’m listening to. I’ve selected the podcast already. I know what it is, and my listening time is not unlimited so I frequently just fast forward through that part anyway.

    My favorite podcast of all time (thetalkshow.net – not cycling related) literally starts in the middle of a sentence sometimes. While that’s a bit harsh, I think getting straight to business is really best. If you have to have something there, at least try to keep it brief, maybe 5-10 seconds max.

    Just a thought, you do what you want, and I didn’t even know this was what I want until I found a couple of podcasts that did eschew the intro; then I realized how truly superfluous they were.

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Craig,

    Thanks for the comment and encouragement. IF I am able to even figure out how to add the music intro, it would only be very brief- as you suggest, about 10-20 seconds worth… just liven things up a little. I even thought of just having whatever song I am listening to on my iPod playing in the background.

    Any other thoughts or comments, please pass them along… and thank you very much for taking the 24 minutes and 17 seconds to give it all a listen.


  3. Tim,

    Congrats on acheiving a new level of immortality! You set a new bar for usage of time!
    One day I wanna grow up and be like you.

    Darren Zielinski

  4. Thanks DZ. I don’t know if I set a new bar for anything other than being able to ramble endlessly to just myself. Hey- I’m about the only one who will listen to me anyway… so why not make a podcast?

    Might even have another one done tonight. We’ll see…

  5. I canNOT believe all you’ve done in, like, a day! Great idea to have some ‘portable’ content for both the bike industry and the marketing sector. You sound very at ease and clear and it’s only your first one.

    Also, I love this blog’s look and feel…so slick. And you are too kind for thanking me, I didn’t do a thing besides be your pal (which I get the benefit).

    We’re better because of you–so keep inspiring us (we need it ;-). Lots of hugs, happiness and health in ’08.

  6. Bravo Tim! Wonderful show.

    You were too kind to include me in the credits. Thank *you* for as CK said so well -inspiring so many.

    Your fan,

  7. Nice job Tim. I’ll definitely be listing often. Relax and let it all flow. The boys in the shop will all be listening too.

    On the right coast,

  8. CK & Toby- The two of you have been great friends and have given great support to me all along, so I HAD to thank you. And Toby, I swear I’m still gonna try to write that damned blogging book.

    Will- Many thanks friend. I appreciate it. I hope to add a couple episodes each week- especially when traveling. I can easily see posting photos on the podcast blog to accompany the podcast itself. Heading to Taiwan again in a few days and I hope to put that theory to the test.

  9. I get a mention? Wow…I’m flattered…that’s what friends are for…and, by the way, you did this fabulous accomplishment all by your onesies….we were all just here to say, “you can do it”. Congrats!

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