Masiguy Podcast #6- Bicycle Leadership Conference

Sorry for the delay between podcasts- it’s been a zoo, of course.

This show covers some of the BLC highlights for me;

  • Seeing friends
  • Hearing about the health of the industry
  • Learning about advocacy
  • Getting energized to do good

It was my first time at the BLC, but hopefully not my last. Looking forward to being a part of change.

Show links; (let me know if I forgot anything)

Thanks for listening and thanks for waiting so patiently between recordings.


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Masiguy Podcast #5- Fresh Produce from Taiwan

Thanks for waiting for another installment of the insanity that is The Masiguy Podcast. This “episode” is a bit meatier at about 22min 37sec, so grab a cold one, or a hot one, or go sit on your trainer and ride a little.

This episode is a bit of a Taiwan wrap-up with notes on people, product and traveling.

Adult Product Group at Ritchey Components

Thanks for listening and see you again later in the week for Episode #6!


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Masiguy Podcast #4- Live from Taichung!

Here is the one and only podcast I have been able to pull off from Taichung. I meant to try more, but it was just impossible with the schedule we kept.
This is a short one- 11min 41sec- but a longer and more detailed podcast will come when I return to the US.

Masiguy in Taichung, Taiwan

It’s been a great trip and I am very happy to have been here again and can’t wait to return in March for the Taipei show.

Thanks for your patience and thanks for listening.

Tim (Posted at 6:05PM- 1/11/08)

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Masiguy Podcast #3

Back for another round of madcap commentary, a la the Masiguy (that’d be me).

Topics of discussion;

Matthew Parris’ stupid column in the Times Online and the subsequent fallout and protests- here, here, here, here and here.
Helmet recommendations for “big heads”.

New Cane Creek track race wheels and headset and new Vittoria track tires.

Yes- I still love Chris King headsets too.

Palomar Mountain New Year’s Day ride– thanks B&L Bike and Sport.

Returning to Taiwan.

Thank you for listening again,


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Episode #2

Who does #2 work for? That’s right, Masiguy!

Here is the the second episode of the podcast- it’s a short one this time because it’s New Year’s Eve!

Brief look back on the end of 2007 and a little look ahead to 2008… but it’s a very short look.

Yes… I did a list of my resolutions… I know, I know- too cliche for words, but I did it anyway.


I’ll be back next year… hee, hee, hee…


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