Masiguy Podcast #7.5- Comments and commentary from the Masiguy

Long time, no speak… sorry.

After a long hiatus and being very rusty, the podcast is back! Even though I ended up recording the show twice- because the first time I recorded the entire 30 minutes with the microphone on mute- it’s great to be back and I’ll try not to take so long to do it again. Promise.

Show notes;

Inferno is going to kick ass! (Check out page 28 of the April 2008 issues of ROAD for a team update.)

Jenna Shoemaker joins the Masi family as our first ever sponsored professional triathlete.

Jenna and Masiguy

Masidaughter rocks!

Masidaughter at Cabrillo

Heading off to Brand Camp- “This one time, at Brand Camp…”

April 12-13; BP/MS150- Houston to Austin

Taipei Show

Pricing pressures facing the bicycle industry.

Thank you for your patience- I hope it proves worth the wait for you.

Episode #7- 27:47

Listen here. Download here.