Masiguy Podcast #7.5- Comments and commentary from the Masiguy

Long time, no speak… sorry.

After a long hiatus and being very rusty, the podcast is back! Even though I ended up recording the show twice- because the first time I recorded the entire 30 minutes with the microphone on mute- it’s great to be back and I’ll try not to take so long to do it again. Promise.

Show notes;

Inferno is going to kick ass! (Check out page 28 of the April 2008 issues of ROAD for a team update.)

Jenna Shoemaker joins the Masi family as our first ever sponsored professional triathlete.

Jenna and Masiguy

Masidaughter rocks!

Masidaughter at Cabrillo

Heading off to Brand Camp- “This one time, at Brand Camp…”

April 12-13; BP/MS150- Houston to Austin

Taipei Show

Pricing pressures facing the bicycle industry.

Thank you for your patience- I hope it proves worth the wait for you.

Episode #7- 27:47

Listen here. Download here.



  1. Arrrrggggg, the dreaded MUTE!!

    Here is a cool Masi drawing

    Good show, keep on Podcasting,


  2. Im from Melbourne Australia its so good to hear stuff like this, really laid back especially when youve just gone for a ride.

    Look forward to hearing the next podcast thought 7.5 was great !!


  3. Byronious- Yes… the dreaded mute. I’m a constant victim of my own stupidity sometimes. Thanks for the link to the drawing too. I’ve seen that one (or one like it) in the past and have always liked it. Keeps inspiring me to get a headbadge tattoo one of these days. Maybe once I’ve managed to not get fired and hit the 5 year mark… just 1.5 years away.

    MSS- Thanks for the comment and support. I greatly appreciate it with total sincerity. I hope to keep recording and getting the podcasts rolling more regularly. Got another one cooking in my head right now… so stay tuned for more.

    Thanks all for the support.

  4. Good luck at the Bike MS in Houston. It is the best and biggest MS around. I did the ride 6 times and wrenched it 6 additional times. Nothing but fond memories. I am glad that Sun and Ski does well for you….just be careful. They have a knack for not paying bills every once in a while.

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