Masiguy Podcast #8… the CRASH episode!

Thanks for waiting patiently for this latest episode, where I ramble my thanks to be alive and thanks to all the wonderful people who have offered their support to me after the worst crash of my life on April 29th.

I try my best to not lose it and cry again as I think of all my blessings… and manage to stay dry-eyed somehow… but I do ramble again- sorry.

Thanks again for the continued support and for all the patience between podcasts.


Listen here or download here (and yes, still working on iTunes too).



  1. Tim,

    thanks for taking the time to put this together to keep us all updated with your progress.

    to hear how your friends rallied around you and took care of Masi-Daughter is not only amazing but a sincere reflection of you and the type of people you attract n your life. being 1500 miles away makes for a long way from your hospital bed, but i am just so stoked for you that you had so many wonderful people visit you and keep you company.

    i honesly haven’t listened to many podcasts in the past because i am not too tech-savvy, but i enjoyed this one, hearing about the crash, and just hearing energy in your voice….a true testiment that you are tough and are already on the mend.

    have a great day. the you tube from yesterday was very funny, too…..time for coffee!


  2. Thanks Eric!

    You are right- I am blessed by the people in my life (and that includes you too, my friend). Masidaughter got great support and I can never thank people enough- truly.

    And yes, I’m gonna be back. I’m dented and bruised, but not totally broken. I’ll heal and be back- that’s a promise!

  3. […] can see from this photo, Tim went home from the hospital and he was smiling. Check out his blog and podcast for full details, but suffice it to say that he is home, he is on the mend, he is drinking his […]

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