Masiguy Podcast #9- Potpourri of Wonderfulness

Well, after a 7 month break since the last podcast, I’m finally back… with apologies to all in advance. I wish I could say that I spent 7 months improving the “show”… but, well, no I didn’t.

Topics covered;

Recovery update

2008 NeverStop YangJin P Highway Challenge

Team Masi at 2008 NeverStop

Team Masi at 2008 NeverStop

Meeting with Taichung Mayor’s office and possible blending of the RideOn and Taichung Bike Week bicycle trade events

Health of the cycling industry during this terrible economy.

Footnote; I failed to mention in the podcast itself, when covering the economy relative to the industry, where I think sales will fall into place. It is my personal theory that low-end and high-end sales will still be solid, but it is the mid-range that will likely suffer. High-end consumers will still buy bikes because they will always still “treat” themselves. Maybe, rather than buying a new Escalade, that high-end consumer will choose to buy a bike instead… as an example. Lower priced consumers will always be around because they still want to save money even if gas is now cheaper. They are being stretched thin still by the weak economy. New consumers coming in to the market at the low-end should still continue to grow. It’s that mid-range guy- say the 105 to Ultegra level consume- who looks to be the most likely to be harder to find. In my opinion, this is the consumer most likely to say, “I can wait a bit longer” before making a purchase- if at all. So, me personally, I’m going to be watching this segment of my own business very carefully.

Ok… that’s it!

Listen here or download here. (Working on the iTunes thing still… )



  1. Hey Tim, thanks for taking the time to both record, produce and post your Podcast – I always look forward to getting my fix of bike/bicycle podcast. One suggestion…. your audio file was a bit hard to find, your post was split into two parts and I had to go to the second half of your post to get to the audio/your show.

    I found this page about easy to embed Podcast audio/ Mp3 players – you can probably easily use one of the html codes to add the media/Mp3 player to your Podcast posts.

    Happy new year,
    Byron Friday

  2. hmm. strange 🙂

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