Masiguy Podcast

Here is the audio extension of the work I do on the Masiguy blog. This is another part of my work to try and re-establish Masi Bicycles as a premier bicycle brand in the US and across the globe. Hopefully I’ll learn to keep things brief and not ramble too much… but I doubt it.

Topics here will hopefully stay largely focused on cycling and the cycling world, though I make no promises that I won’t wander a bit from time to time… just like on the other blog.

Thank you for listening and I hope you’ll return.

Tim Jackson



  1. Hello, I am glad to here you are ok, but I hopethe new hospital stay goes well.
    As far as your podcasts, I cannot actually download your podcasts. All I get are website links and no actual mp3 file to down load, so I can put it on my phone and listen to it later. I am a PC user and it seems you are an apple user, which may explain a few things. I may just have to wait until you are on iTunes.
    Later and get well soon,

  2. Hi I purchased a Masi in 1972 still like new ,would ebay be a good place to sell.Thanks Frank

  3. Frank- yes, eBay is one of the best resources to sell an older bike, though you might want to spend some time on eBay looking at similar auctions and see the selling value of similar bikes. There are some other forums where you might also get an estimate of the value if you submit some photos and other information.


  4. Hello I am hearing impaired. I have very rare old race masi bike . The brand bike is between 1960 to 1970 . The guy won tour de france 4 times 1967,1968, 1968, and1969 . His name is campione del mondo. He used to race bike that I have now . Excellent shape and cond. Never used it for long long time . The bike was in storage. I decide to sell my bike thru bidding. . I don’t know what to do commication with customer because I am deaf. I know my bike should worth lot money . Its history . Very rare bike.
    The brand is professional SV strago masi made in Italy Brev. Patent campagnolo ” Nuovo record . I really need your help with this information and help me to sell the highest bidding . I hope I can get $$ and will buy a used good car. I am getting old and have health issue. Problems. I can’t ride bike . So hope to hear from you soon

    • Please send me e -mail as soon as you can . I have my own rare masi race bike year 1967 to 1969 brev. Campagnolo professional sv strago made in itlay. I am going to sell it as long as I get the higgest bid . Very rare bike . Great shape

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