Masiguy Podcast #10- Kenda Pro Cycling p/b Spinergy team training camp, 2009 Taipei Cycle Show and more! (Sorry)

After another needlessly long delay, a new podcast is now ready for your listening pleasure (or torture).

Mostly, as always, I ramble and drone on… but the main topics are the Kenda Pro Cycling p/b Spinergy team training camp and the 2009 Taipei Cycle show. I also mention the economy, the bike industry and other things related to cycling and my goofy little life within it.

I somehow doubt I’ll be nominated for a podcast Grammy…

Me and Chad Thompson- team camp 2009

Kenda Pro Cycling p/b Spinergy 2009

Kenda Pro Cycling p/b Spinergy 2009

2009 Taipei Cycle Show

2009 Taipei Cycle Show

Velo pre-show party and presentation.

Velo pre-show party and presentation.

Stella Yu and myself- Taipei 2009

Stella Yu and myself- Taipei 2009

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Masiguy Podcast #7.5- Comments and commentary from the Masiguy

Long time, no speak… sorry.

After a long hiatus and being very rusty, the podcast is back! Even though I ended up recording the show twice- because the first time I recorded the entire 30 minutes with the microphone on mute- it’s great to be back and I’ll try not to take so long to do it again. Promise.

Show notes;

Inferno is going to kick ass! (Check out page 28 of the April 2008 issues of ROAD for a team update.)

Jenna Shoemaker joins the Masi family as our first ever sponsored professional triathlete.

Jenna and Masiguy

Masidaughter rocks!

Masidaughter at Cabrillo

Heading off to Brand Camp- “This one time, at Brand Camp…”

April 12-13; BP/MS150- Houston to Austin

Taipei Show

Pricing pressures facing the bicycle industry.

Thank you for your patience- I hope it proves worth the wait for you.

Episode #7- 27:47

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Masiguy Podcast #5- Fresh Produce from Taiwan

Thanks for waiting for another installment of the insanity that is The Masiguy Podcast. This “episode” is a bit meatier at about 22min 37sec, so grab a cold one, or a hot one, or go sit on your trainer and ride a little.

This episode is a bit of a Taiwan wrap-up with notes on people, product and traveling.

Adult Product Group at Ritchey Components

Thanks for listening and see you again later in the week for Episode #6!


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Masiguy Podcast #4- Live from Taichung!

Here is the one and only podcast I have been able to pull off from Taichung. I meant to try more, but it was just impossible with the schedule we kept.
This is a short one- 11min 41sec- but a longer and more detailed podcast will come when I return to the US.

Masiguy in Taichung, Taiwan

It’s been a great trip and I am very happy to have been here again and can’t wait to return in March for the Taipei show.

Thanks for your patience and thanks for listening.

Tim (Posted at 6:05PM- 1/11/08)

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Episode #1!

Episode #1 is in the bag!

Thanks for all the help and encouragement I received in setting this up and getting started. I hope to be able to continue with this experiment.

Special thanks to;

David Bernstein of The Fredcast and The Spokesmen

Tim Grahl of Crooked Cog

Carlton Reid of BikeBiz Magazine and QuickRelease.TV

Phil from Spinopsys

Special thanks for support to;

Donna Tocci of Kryptonite


Toby Bloomberg

I’ll add more show notes as I remember them and as you request for them!

Link Update; I mentioned David Armano and his wonderful marketing blog Logic + Emotion and a fantastic post and graphic he has about Social Systems.

Many thanks again. I am hoping to get better at this and eventually learn what I’m trying to do.


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